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ALEXANDER, Archibald (1772-1851)

          Doctrine of Justification, The. [1837]     KINDLE     NOOK

          Sermons and Essays by the Tennents and their Contemporaries. [1855]     KINDLE     NOOK 

ALLAN, Elizabeth Preston (1848-1933)

          Life and Letters of Margaret Junkin Preston, The. [1903]     KINDLE     NOOK     

ARNOLD, Thomas Jackson (1845-1933)

          Early Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson, "Stonewall Jackson." [1916]     KINDLE     NOOK

BALL, John (1585-1640)

          Treatise of Divine Meditation, A. [1660]     KINDLE

BAYNE, Paul (d. 1617)

          Brief Directions unto a Godly Life. [1637]     KINDLE

BEDFORD, Thomas (d. 1653)

          Examination of the Chief Points of Antinomianism, An. [1647]     KINDLE     NOOK

BOARDMAN, Henry Augustus (1808-1880)

          Claims of Religion upon Medical Men, The. [1844]     KINDLE

          Two Discourses on the Popular Objections to the Doctrine of Election. [1848]     KINDLE     NOOK

BONAR, Andrew Alexander (1810-1892)

          Brook Besor, The. [1879]     KINDLE

BRIGHTMAN, Thomas (1562-1607)

          Art of Self-Denial, The; or, A Christian's First Lesson. [1646]     KINDLE

BROWN, Charles John (n.d.)

          Divine Glory of Christ, The. [1868]     KINDLE     NOOK

Charles W. Brown (-)

          Nathan Hale, the Martyr Spy. [1899]     KINDLE

BURDER, Samuel (1773-1837)

          Moral Law considered as a Rule of Life to Believers, The. [1795]     KINDLE


CHURCH, Joseph (n. d.)

          Christian's Daily Monitor, The. [1669]     PDF

CURRY, Jabez Lamar Monroe (1825-1903)

          Southern States of the American Union, The. [1895]     KINDLE     NOOK

DANFORTH, Samuel (1626-1674)

          Cry of Sodom Inquired Into, The. [1674]     KINDLE

DAVIS, Jefferson (1808-1889)

          Autobiography of Jefferson Davis. [1890]     KINDLE     NOOK 

          Robert E. Lee. [1890]     KINDLE

DIODATI, Giovanni (John) (1576-1649)

          Annotations upon the Epistle to the Colossians. [1648, 1664]     NOOK     PDF

DOD, John (1549-1645)

          Remedy against Private Contentions, A. [1618]     KINDLE

EDWARDS, John (1637-1716)

          Biblical Perspective on War, A. [1698]     KINDLE

EGERTON, Stephen (c. 1555-c. 1621)

          Boring of the Ear, The. [1623]     KINDLE

ELLIOTT, Stephen (1806-1866)

          Funeral Services at the Burial of the Right Rev. Leonidas Polk, D.D. [1864]     KINDLE     NOOK

FOSTER, Gordon William, Jr. (b. 1953)

          Are Baptists Inerrantists? [1992]     KINDLE     NOOK

          Smell of the Lamp Bible Commentary, The. Vol. 44. ACTS. [2020]     KINDLE    DVD-PDF

          Whose Bible Is It? [2016]     KINDLE

GOOD, James Isaac (1850-1924)

          Famous Reformers of the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches. [1916]     KINDLE

HALDANE, Robert (1764-1842)

          Books of the Old and New Testaments Canonical and Inspired; with Remarks on the Apocrypha, The. [1846]     KINDLE     NOOK

HAMOND, George (c. 1620-1705)

          Good Minister of Jesus Christ, A. [1693]     KINDLE

HARRIS, Wade Hampton (1858-1935)

          My School Days: Reconstruction Experiences in the South. [1914] — Wade Hampton Harris     KINDLE

HEADLEY, Joel Tyler (1813-1897)

          Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution, The. [1864]     KINDLE     NOOK

          Washington and His Generals (Vol. 1) [1847]     KINDLE     NOOK

          Washington and His Generals (Vol. 2) [1847]     KINDLE     NOOK

HILL, Daniel Harvey (1821-1889)

          Real Stonewall Jackson, The. [1894]     KINDLE     NOOK

IMBODEN, John Daniel (1823-1895)

          Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah. [1885]     KINDLE     NOOK

JETER, Jeremiah Bell (1802-1880)

          Baptist Principles Reset. [1902]     KINDLE     NOOK

KELLOGG, Samuel Henry (1839-1899)

          Light of Asia and the Light of the World, The. [1885]     KINDLE     NOOK

KOLLOCK, Shepard Kosciusko (b. 1795)

          Doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints, Illustrated, Proved and Applied, The. [1835]     KINDLE

MACARTNEY, Clarence Edward Noble (1879-1957)

          Twelve Great Questions about Christ. [1923]     KINDLE

MACLAURIN, John (1693-1754)

          Glorying in the Cross. [1864]     KINDLE     PDF

MATHER, Increase (1639-1723)

          Angelographia; or, A Discourse concerning the Nature and Power of the Holy Angels. [1696]     KINDLE

MATTHEWS, John (n.d.)

          Divine Purpose, The. [1843]     KINDLE

McGLOTHLIN, William Joseph (1867-1933)

          Infant-Baptism Historically Considered. [1916]     NOOK

McKIM, Randolph Harrison (1842-1920)

          Soul of Lee, The. [1917]     KINDLE     NOOK

MELL, Patrick Hues (1814-1886)

          Doctrine of Prayer; its Utility; and its Relation to Providence, The. [1876]     KINDLE     NOOK

MEYER, Frederick Brotherton (1847-1929)

          Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892). [1911]     KINDLE     NOOK

MILLER, Samuel (1769-1850)

          Sermon Delivered at the Inauguration of the Rev. Archibald Alexander, D.D., etc., The. [1812]     KINDLE

MINNIGERODE, Charles Frederic Ernest (1814-1894)

        Jefferson Davis. A Memorial Address, delivered in St Paul's Church, Richmond, Va., December 11, 1889.     KINDLE   

NEWCOMEN, Matthew (1610-1669)

          Craft and Cruelty of the Church's Adversaries, The. [1642]     NOOK     PDF

NORTON, John (1606-1663)

          Brief and Excellent Treatise containing the Doctrine of Godliness, or Living unto God, A. [1647]     KINDLE

PALMER, Benjamin Morgan (1818-1902)

          Christianity and the Law; or, The Claims of Religion upon the Legal Profession. [1871]     KINDLE

PEDDIE, James (1759-1845)

          Practical Exposition of the Book of Jonah. [1842]     KINDLE     NOOK

PETTIE, A. S. (b. 1851)

          On the Doctrines of Grace. [1925]     KINDLE

PHILPOT, Joseph Charles (1802-1869)

          True and Proper and Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Only-Begotten Son of God, The. [1861]     KINDLE

PLUMER, William Swan (1808-1880)

          Offices of Christ, The. [1840]     KINDLE     NOOK     PDF

          Saint and the Sinner, The. [1844]     KINDLE

POOLE, Matthew (1624-1679)

          Evangelical Worship is Spiritual Worship. [1660]     KINDLE     PDF

PRESTON, Margaret Junkin (1820-1897)

          Personal Reminiscences of Stonewall Jackson. [1886]     KINDLE     NOOK

SEDGWICK, John (1600-1643)

          Antinomianism Anatomized. [1643]      KINDLE     NOOK 

SIMMS, William Gilmore (1806-1870)

          Life of Francis Marion, The. [1844]     KINDLE     NOOK

          Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia, S. C.     KINDLE     NOOK

SLAUGHTER, Phillip (1808-1890)

          Christianity the Key to the Character and Career of Washington. [1886]     KINDLE     NOOK

SMITH, James Power (1837-1924)

          Stonewall Jackson's Last Battle. [1886]     KINDLE

SMITH, Ralph S. (n. d.)

          Recollections of Nettleton, and the Great Revival of 1820. [1848]     KINDLE

SPURGEON, Charles Haddon (1834-1892)

          Prayers from Metropolitan Pulpit; C. H. Spurgeon's Prayers. [1906]     KINDLE     NOOK

SPURSTOWE, William (1605-1666)

          Wells of Salvation Opened, The; or, A Treatise Discovering the Nature, Preciousness, Usefulness of Gospel Promises. [1655]     KINDLE

STALKER, James (1848-1927)

          John Knox: His Ideas and Ideals. [1904]     KINDLE

STEVENSON, George (n. d.)

          Offices of Christ, The. [1840]     KINDLE     NOOK     PDF

STOCK, John (1817-1884)

          Essay on the Mode and Subjects of Christian Baptism, An. [1844]     KINDLE     NOOK

TAYLOR, William Mackergo (1829-1895)

          Scottish Pulpit from the Reformation to the Present, The. [1887]     KINDLE     NOOK

VAUGHAN, Charles John (1816-1897)

          St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians. [1885]     KINDLE     NOOK

VENNING, Ralph (c. 1621-1674)

          Orthodox Paradoxes; or, A Believer Clearing Truth by Seeming Contradictions. [1657]     KINDLE     NOOK

WALKER, James (1821-1891)

          Theology and Theologians of Scotland, The. [1888]     KINDLE 

WINSLOW, Octavius (1808-1878)

          None Like Christ. [1868]     KINDLE     NOOK