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About Us

Since 1988 Strait Gate Publications has been involved in various aspects of preparing and presenting Christian literature reprints. Originally located in Salem, Virginia we are now headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Initially, we provided camera-ready materials for several publishers from 1988 - 2005. For nearly 25 years we prepared camera-ready material and editing services on numerous projects for Sprinkle Publications, Harrisonburg, Virginia. During that time we also expanded our own line of digital and e-book offerings, making our titles available on the Kindle and Nook formats, as well as PDFs, etc. As with Sprinkle Publications, we have also focused on Puritan, Baptist, Reformed, Biographical and Historical American heritage titles. One of our objectives is to "resurrect" many of the unreprinted Purtian-era titles by putting them into modern format with minimal editing, and making these spiritual gems useful to new generations, to the Glory of God!  — G. Wm. Foster, Jr.